EF International Language School - Auckland

EF International School wanted to create a fresh and engaging student experience in their central Auckland location. The School is an 822 sqm learning environment spread over 4 floors and provides English language education and associated services to an average of 350 students per week.

In partnership with Kiwi Office in Auckland, Europlan worked on a refurbishment project for the Level 3 student lounge, a 130 sqm space able to accommodate up to 50 students at one time.

The collaborative approach between EF, Kiwi Office and Europlan allowed us to identify the current challenges of the lounge area and provide consultation on how best to activate the space and drive engagement.

There were some key areas of the space that we needed to resolve:

  • The ceiling of the space was made of dark wood and featured large beams, it was impacted by an angled roof and as a result wasn’t flush
  • The activities/travel desk was positioned in an area away from the centre of the space making it less of a focal point or destination
  • A large table tennis table occupied important floor space and presented challenges around managing noise associated with the activity
  • Overall the lounge area lacked legibility, social engagement and the colour palette wasn’t supporting the EF brand experience for students and visitors
Reseller Partner - Kiwi Office
Europlan Project Lead - Karla Newman
Project Support - Rhia Spall
Photographer - Mark Scowen
Reseller Partner - Kiwi Office
Europlan Project Lead - Karla Newman
Project Support - Rhia Spall
Photographer - Mark Scowen


Hush Lights were used to illuminate and add colour to the space and provide much needed acoustic benefits. This helps to absorb and block noise from the social areas and prevents distraction in the nearby classrooms. Spotlights were installed on the ceiling to create more dimension and floor lamps were placed strategically to light up dark corners that the spotlights didn’t quite reach. The lighting selection has transformed the lounge into a cosy and welcoming space.



To assist with way finding for the Activities Desk, we worked together to create bespoke kiosks that bought the travel desk function to the fore. The introduction of this custom solution has created a flexible customer service area and provided a more legible flow to the room. The new position of the kiosks allows staff to see the whole space and the inviting and functional design encourages students to engage and discuss travel arrangements.


Social Zone

A change to the floor plate allowed us to keep the social area and add a quiet space to the lounge. We replaced the table tennis table with a fuse ball machine and converted the gaming area into a bright and comfortable “living room”. This is a smarter use of the space and allows more students to be brought together in a social setting. Modular soft seating, armchairs, lighting and a beautifully crafted trestle table complete the look.

With smart investment and successful collaboration, we’ve delivered a lively modern space. EF International School are delighted with outcome, it has elevated their brand identity and provided a relaxed atmosphere with an emphasis on fun and social interactions.
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