Active Components

Inviting accessories to support user performance

Active Components is a set of personal product solutions designed to coordinating beautifully with Intuity, Planes Tables, HAT Elements and Tibas Desking systems.



Open and light in scale, the Active Components product line is a set of inviting accessory and furniture elements that draws people in with a sense of improvisation and energy.

Active Components helps improve efficiency in compact footprints with products that support user performance, posture changes, memory cues, collaboration, and focus work.

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  • Upper Storage
  • Lower Storage
  • Screens
  • Sidecar
  • Worksurfaces
  • 5 year warranty
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Upper Storage

Active Components upper storage offers a variety of adaptable solutions to make open floor plans and smaller work spaces more personal, comfortable, and efficient.

  • Nooks – Mounted on stanchions to raise storage above the worksurface, it increases visual privacy, includes organizational elements for cognitive support, and provides optional USB power access for user control.
  • Personal Divider with Draw – Placed on the worksurface to create personal boundaries, it allows easy power access while supporting personalisation and memory cues.
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Lower Storage

Active Components lower storage offers a variety of adaptable solutions to make open floor plans and smaller work spaces more personal, comfortable, and efficient.

  • Suspended Pedestal – Appropriately scaled to support active storage for today’s needs in a smaller footprint, with the option to layer accessories inside and outside the unit.
  • Suspended Ender – Provides active storage for personal items and shared reference materials in compact footprints, while creating a barrier to increase visual privacy.
  • Security Drawer – This Offers a secure place to charge and lock up items such as cell phones and tablets.
  • Floating Shelf – Creates a horizontally stacked display area to support memory cues and optimize vertical space in smaller footprints.
  • Accessories – Customize the work environment with drawer liners, trays, file dividers, magnetic dividers, and personal storage hooks.
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For increased privacy in smaller spaces, Active Components screens create a more residential look and feel through a variety of materials, shapes, and profiles.

  • Corner, Territory and Center Screens – Placed on the worksurface to create personal boundaries, they allow easy power access while supporting personalization and memory cues
  • Accessory Screen and Screen Saddle – Work in conjunction with other screens to incorporate additional visual memory cues and organisation
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Side Car

The multi-functional Side Car offers a standing-height storage option to support changing postures for health and well-being. It helps create privacy while providing an alternative work space or touchdown surface for short periods of time.

  • Sliding Top – Provides additional storage that keeps items at hand, but off the worksurface
  • Mounting Options – Can be panel-mounted, stanchion-mounted, or freestanding
  • Privacy Screen – Provides a level of privacy to the standing worksurface
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A range of worksurface shapes and sizes supports smaller footprints and accommodates collaboration.

  • Worksurfaces – Available in a variety of rectangle, wedge, and 90-degree, and120-degree shapes—with or without knife edges—to accommodate just about any work space footprint
  • Worksurface Support – Angles and soft edges of the support leg design suggest a more casual atmosphere and align with other Haworth product platforms
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Active Components
Inviting accessories to support user performance
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