HAT Elements

Flex your work muscles

HAT Elements is a sophisticated, full line system that can easily scale to meet most requirements, HAT Elements integrates seamlessly with your existing workplace furniture while offering users intuitive access to an ergonomic office desk setup, adjustable standing and sitting height positions.

HAT Elements is an innovative new sit-to-stand range – designed to deliver the perfect antidote to being stationary at work. Join the working revolution and effortlessly boost your workplace well being with correct computer desk ergonomics.


Designed for daily use, HAT Elements uses high specification, motors and control systems to guarantee intuitive, reliable and quiet performance.

HAT Elements Leg systems come with leading sensor technology that detects evenness of the worktop, raising the safety protection for users against unwanted collisions.

Keep your cables hidden but easy to access if you need to.

HAT Element’s inventive cable management system keeps your office environment streamlined and sleek-looking. Up to even the most demanding user requirements, HAT Element’s cable system doesn’t require specialised tools to configure, has no redundant parts and makes installation and routing easier. Your facility manager can get in quick to make changes – otherwise your cables disappear from view.

Tailor work spaces for performance and personality – the choice is yours

  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Wide range of accessories for individualisation
  • Streamlined & straightforward cable routing
  • Leg system with leading sensor technology
  • Reliable and quiet motor performance
  • BIFMA accredited
products HAT elements height  adjustable table insitu

Work it

The data is in - staying stationary at work is bad for your health. Researchers now tell us that decades of keeping glued to our computer screens, bending over detailed work and neglecting to move regularly has increased our risk of postural discomfort and long-term ill health. It’s also a key cause of absenteeism and reduced productivity.

products HAT elements height  adjustable table insitu

Flex your work muscles

Your workplace needs to stay flexible. And so do your people. HAT Elements rises to the challenge with modular solutions that can easily sustain and enhance any work activity or setting you throw at it.

products HAT elements height  adjustable table insitu

Stay agile

An active, agile work space is crucial to business success in a climate of constant change and disruption. Completely reconfigurable, HAT Elements is as ready to get down to business as you are. It transforms easily from freestanding to benching – it even allows adjoining work spaces to use opposing configurations (sitting or standing) without getting in the way of workflow.

products HAT elements height  adjustable table insitu

Performance & personality

Make it your own with a wide range of accessories designed to support different work modes and aesthetics. Boost efficiency and flexibility with the Intuity Universal Rail and Yourway add-ons to respond to specific tasks and roles. Desk and hung screen configurations enhance privacy and acoustics.

Need help planning your space?
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"Thank you again for the great job, the fine work you and your team did to deliver what was promised, in the short time frame."
Maureen MIller
University of Otago - ISB
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National Assets Manager, Barnardos
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products HAT elements height  adjustable table
Flex your work muscles
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