How Pods Enhance Workplace Design

2020 was the year of the bubble, but 2021 could be the year of the pod!

Meeting pods are having a moment right now, and we are here for it.

With our range of pods  getting a lot of attention at the end of 2020, we wanted to share some of the ways teams can use meeting pods to enhance their workplace, no matter how big or small. Popular in coworking spaces, open floor offices, health practices and remote offices a-like, meeting pods offer individuals and teams a stylish and functional space to support their styles of working, fast.

Offer your team space that works for them.

A meeting pod can add some valuable private space in an office space without private rooms or with jam-packed calendars in the small number of available rooms. Excellent for meetings (it’s in the name!), people working in a collaborative space can come together in one spot for focused sessions, one-on-ones or small group work. A meeting pod can even be a sanctuary for individuals to focus away from the distractions of a lively open-plan office, allowing teammates to be both present in the office and intensely ‘in the zone’ as required. Pods also offer a super accessible private space for making or taking phone calls without hovering in a stairwell or a busy cafe area.

Remote services and remote employees get the benefits of a fit-for-purpose space.

With so many businesses offering remote services, meeting pods can also provide the ideal spot for hosting a video meet-up or conference call without taking up a ‘whole rooms’ worth of space. Imagine the possibilities an acoustically designed meeting pod could bring to industries where video-calls are becoming so important? Fields like medicine and other holistic health services, offering online appointments or teleconsultations can improve both the practitioner and the patient’s experience by keeping people physically distanced but in private conversation. By investing in a fit-for-purpose teleconference space, reducing the need for in-person visits, and allowing the practice to offer appointments with a new generation of clients who often have their phone, tablet or laptop at their fingertips. Our meeting pods have been designed with acoustics in mind and aim to provide the privacy required for 1:1 meetings, in a space-effective way.

For those working remotely, meeting pods can also offer a smart solution by creating an office-away-from-the-office in your home or, with our outdoor pods, even your garden! In fact, with research reminding us that we need to be able to create boundaries for our work and home lives , when both happen in the same place, a meeting pod that can be closed off might provide that same sense of closure as slamming down the screen on your laptop at the end of the day.

Plus, have you seen just how cool our outdoor pods  look? There’s no need to worry about ruining the aesthetic of your home or office space. You might even improve the outlook. Phew!

Outdoor Pod

Meeting pods can enhance your current space and play an essential part in your future spaces.

Meeting pods offer businesses the chance to enhance their space by making poorly functioning spaces work a little better, without the need for a whole office fit-out project (although, we can help you with one of those if that’s what you need!). There’s no need to build more walls, get quotes from tradespeople, seek out building consent or disrupt your functional office space. Instead, you can make the most of these self-contained pods by integrating them into your current floor plan, while bringing ‘dead’ space back to life.

Like the modular furniture you may have at home or in your current office set-up, some of our meeting pods can be moved around within your space as needed. Imagine your team creating the perfect space for each meeting they have by bringing pods together or separating them out! Even our most static pods are easily relocatable, so they can grow with you and your business, no matter what your plans are in 12, 24, or 48 months. Plus, their footprints are much more high-heel than gumboot, meaning they take up a surprisingly small amount of floor space.

Meeting pods also allow various colour choices, fabric options and other customisable elements like glass frosting and technology kits, so your pod can complement the rest of the look and feel in your space and meet all your aesthetic needs. That means it’s less likely to end up an outdated eye-sore and more likely to feel on-brand and accessible for your team and clients for years to come. Beautiful!

Air3 Meeting Pods

You don’t need an expensive project team, tradies and sledgehammers.

Running out of the ‘right’ kind of space might have crept up on you slowly, but when your area doesn’t work for you any more, it can suddenly feel like a problem that needs to be solved right now (just like when your jeans are a bit tight after the Christmas break, and you start going for runs again… no? just me?). Once you’ve chosen the perfect pod for your needs, you can install it quickly without booking in a team of tradies, picking up a sledgehammer or getting building consent! Some of the pods we offer can be up and running in less than five hours, and they’re ‘plug and play’, so your installation is quick and easy.

If you need a hand with your install, we’ve got implementation specialists who can help you out and guide you along the way. We’ll work with you and your team to tick a project off in a timeframe that suits. That means a speedy solution that leaves you looking like a superhero – winning!

Pods, bubbles and making your space work for you.

Pods are gaining popularity as a space-efficient, cost-effective way of creating functional workspaces in commercial office spaces and remote workspaces, despite the different needs in both. Our team are big fans and would love to share the benefits of our locally made and carefully imported pods available with you.

Give us a call, drop us a line or come in for a visit. We’ll be happy to see you.

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