Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Europlan’s sustainability strategy and call-to-action to improve outcomes across the wider furniture and fit-out industry.
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Future Fit 2030

Future Fit 2030 is our sustainability strategy and call-to-action plan to improve industry outcomes with furniture and fit-outs.

It’s our driving force to inspire better outcomes at the heart of the workplace, engaging all parts of our business and team members, including product development & design, sourcing, operations, project management and client advisory.

The years in the run up to 2030 are critical to make a more positive impact and we want to help our clients and consultants achieve a better fit with their projects, workplaces and enhance how people & the environment interact.



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We are dedicated to reducing environmental impact and improving management practices for end-of-life products.
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Four principles for a better future.

Europlan has committed to a focused programme of work, centred around four key environmental, social and governance principles:

  • Environmental product certifications
  • Respect for culture and community
  • Ethical and sustainable sourcing
  • End-to-end carbon reduction
Encouraging people back into the office

Declare® labelling roll out

Ethical product certifications are fundamental to our business model and our goal of offering products that support human and environmental health. Declare® is a nutrition label for building products, designed to help specifiers quickly identify products that meet their project requirements. Ingredients are screened directly against the LBC Red List, saving project teams the arduous task of vetting products by hand.

Declare Red List Free Info Lockup

About Declare®

Label overview

Declare® is a nutrition label for building products. It is designed to help specifiers quickly identify products that meet their project requirements. Declare® labels disclose all intentionally-added ingredients and residuals at or above 100ppm (0.01%) present in the final product by weight. Each ingredient must be reported with a chemical name, CAS number, and percentage or percentage range.

Red list chemicals

Declare® screens a product’s ingredients directly against the Living Building Challenge® (LBC) Red List, saving project teams from the arduous task of vetting products by hand. The LBC Red List contains the “worst in class” materials, chemicals and elements known to pose serious risks to human health and the greater ecosystem that are prevalent in the building products industry.

Declaration status

A product’s compliance with the LBC Red List is represented on the Declare® label by the product’s Declaration Status. There are three Declaration Statuses:
LBC RED LIST FREE products disclose 100% of ingredients present at or above 100 ppm (0.01%) in the final product and do not contain any Red List chemicals.
LBC RED LIST APPROVED products disclose a minimum of 99% of ingredients present in the final product and meet the LBC Red List Imperative requirements through one or more approved exceptions.
DECLARED products disclose 100% of ingredients present in the final product, but contain one or more Red List chemicals that are not covered by an approved exception.

Program alignment

In addition to the LBC Red List, the Declare® label demonstrates alignment with other requirements within the Living Building Challenge® and Core Green Building Certification®, as well as LEED and WELL certifications. These requirements include ingredient disclosure thresholds, VOC content and emissions, embodied carbon, and responsible sourcing, including FSC Chain of Custody.

Third-party verification

ILFI has collaborated with approved third-party assessors to provide manufacturers with the opportunity for third-party verification of Declare® label claims. This optional program offers an additional level of confidence and risk mitigation through the review of all ingredients, supply chain information, and Declare® label claims.

How Declare® works

Partnership with Aotearoa Disability Enterprises

Europlan is proud to be partnered with Aotearoa Disability Enterprises (ADE). Together, the eleven members of ADE create meaningful employment opportunities for more than nine hundred people with intellectual disabilities across Aotearoa New Zealand.

About ADE
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Our path to 50% less emissions

We continually review the environmental aspects of our operations to eliminate waste and implement energy-efficient practices into our transportation to reduce emissions. We promote sustainable manufacturing practices to reduce emissions from the commercial furniture sector and collaborate with other organisations and industry partners to share best practices and work together towards a significant reduction in emissions. We will monitor our progress towards the 50% emissions reduction goal and adjust strategies as needed to stay on track.


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Working with ethical suppliers

Exclusive relationships with commercial furniture partners such as Haworth are testament to the importance we place on working with companies doing great work in the sustainability space. For us to be successful in improving industry outcomes, ethical and sustainable product ranges are integral. The next few years will see us take some important steps to increase our view in this arena.

About Haworth

Why it’s important to share our learnings with our industry

Our ESG programme to become Future Fit by 2030 is a significant investment for Europlan. It’s an investment we’re willing to make for our people, our clients and our planet. But we also feel a responsibility to share our learnings with our clients and the wider industry for the benefit of our local communities.

We’re keen to extend our learning and collaborate and learn from others doing similar things, both within and adjacent to our industry. Deep learning and understanding of how we create impact in the environmental, social and governance space can only be a good thing for our business, our team and everyone who develops a relationship with us.

As advocates for the furniture and fit-out industry, we’re keen to ensure we highlight sustainable and socially innovative concepts to empower other businesses to make their mark in the ESG space too. After all, we’re all in this together – let’s put more emphasis on people and the planet for the sake of future generations and the workplaces of tomorrow.

We can’t wait to bring Future Fit 2030 to life in our projects, our supply chain and through our many and varied relationships. We encourage you to join us on our journey to create a better place to do business.

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