Modern office design trends for 2024

We’ve tapped into the qualified brain of our very own Jenessa Georgica to hear about her Top 5 commercial interior design trends for 2024.

We have the inside scoop from our very own Jenessa Georgica (Europlan Workplace Solutions Specialist) with her Top 5 commercial interior design trends for 2024. She’s well placed to share her trends and design insights with us – Jenessa is a qualified interior designer with an eye for detail and an expert when it comes to workplace design.

What design insights do you need this year? Are you considering a multi-floor fit out or refreshing your collaborative office spaces? Or perhaps you need modern office design ideas for small spaces? Jenessa is a pro when it comes to commercial interior design projects – we can’t wait to share her thoughts with you.

Top 5 Commercial Interior Design Trends

The Rise of “Resimercial” 

What does ‘resimercial’ design mean to you? Since Covid-19, employers are working hard to bring their employees back to the workplace. Along with the usual office perks of free snacks and yoga sessions at lunchtime, making the office welcoming and cosy, much like a residential home space might make you feel, is a continuing trend in the office design world.

How can you tweak your office space to achieve this design aesthetic?

  • Create multi-sensory experiences – think about how you can change the look and feel of your workspace by drawing on sight (on brand colour tones in your soft furnishings) touch (textural cushions in your breakout spaces), smell (scented candles in reception areas), taste (a mix of healthy snacks and treats in your kitchen), sound (how might you change up the office playlist throughout the day to fit with your team’s workflow).
  • Incorporate warmth, softness and texture into your office zone – a snuggly blanket, a soft couch throw or reclining chairs or footstools in collaborative spaces can help people relax and feel comfortable.
  • Style with interior décor finishing touches. If you thought lamps, rugs, throw blankets, cushions, vases and artificial florals were for home only – think again! These small touches all can add to the welcoming feel of a space. Be sure not to clutter – you do want your space to feel like a safe place to welcome, not Granny’s ‘good room’.

Instagramable Workplaces

Styling a workspace might seem extreme, but in today’s content rich world, there are demands on businesses to share their ‘day-to-day’ stories with their followers. You’re unlikely to get much engagement if you have a dated, bland workspace. We suggest trying to create rooms or corners of your office space where your team is keen to hang out and share your designed spaces with their networks.

How can you create an Insta worthy backdrop in your office?

  • What sort of environment would your team or visitors be likely to share images of your space? Think about colourful walls, interesting art, or installing a green wall.
  • Interest can be created with accessories – think about eye catching art or branding ideas (we love a neon word sign), photo walls and statement furniture pieces.
  • Youthful, on trend elements or accessories are likely to attract younger generation employees who more are likely to promote online – think themed areas from popular TikTok influencers or Netflix shows.

Hospitality Inspired Design 

Inviting office spaces have your team and clients coming back for more. Are your visitors and employees tempted to relax in designated areas? Do your collaborative spaces encourage hanging out and chatting?

How can you make your office more inviting, and a space to linger?

  • Think cafe style areas with food and simple beverage amenities – it could be a coffee machine or a mini fridge with a mix of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.
  • Nightclub vibes with hip or opulent décor and banquettes or lounges can create an after hours feel that people want to spend time in.
  • Wellbeing areas with spaces for massage chairs and casual yoga mats set up for between meeting stretches, can create timeout spaces your team will love.
  • Are your informal meetings and social gatherings held in a boardroom environment, or a more relaxed setting? A courtyard type feel with indoor plants and outdoor furniture can provide a relaxed out-of-office atmosphere.

Deep Focus Work Zones

Open plan environments can be challenging spaces to get focus work done. There is a definite trend in providing deep focus work spaces within the floorplate.

Does your office space cater for deep work and sensitive meetings?

  • Add zoned spaces equipped with technology and charging needs for specialised short or long term tasks that require focus.
  • Consider foot traffic around quiet zone spaces and position away from high traffic spaces such as kitchens, bathrooms, exits.
  • Including a variety of focus zones if your space allows. Fully enclosed acoustic pods are perfect for sensitive meetings and solo deep work. Focus desk pods with screens and dividers provide visual and acoustic breaks from others in the office.
  • Carefully positioned individual seats with high backs & tablet arms cater to laptop work whilst providing visual privacy.

Inclusive Design

Great workplace design will ensure that the needs of all are met. An ongoing trend is to incorporate spaces for neurodiverse, hearing and vision impaired, and ensure accessibility for all employees and visitors.

Is your workspace set up for the needs of your team?

  • Ensure your office layout design allows for potential accessibility needs – wheelchairs, pushchairs, crutches and so on.
  • Provide a variety of environments for users to do their best work – that means quiet zones for neurodiverse employees, and acoustic support for the hearing impaired.
  • Furniture can be sourced for its adaptability and accessibility needs – think adjustable desks and chairs.

Are you looking for expertise in interior design for commercial spaces? Look no further – Europlan has you covered.

Have a chat to one of our Workplace Design Consultants about your options.


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