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Let us work with you to design an inspiring workspace that performs now and into the future.
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An inspiring workspace, now and into the future.

Workplaces designed with expertise and guided by research improve engagement, boost morale, and support organisations in reaching their goals.

Whether you’re a growing organisation, or you’re looking to optimise your current situation, let us work with you to design an inspiring workspace that performs now and into the future.

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The benefits of a well designed workplace

Workplace Design takes into account a company’s physical and virtual work environments, culture, processes, technologies and other resources. Its goal is to encourage people to work in ways that support the organisation’s mission.

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Blending art, innovation and science – our areas of expertise!

Our involvement with creating superior workspaces goes beyond the simple supply of furniture and accessories. Work with us and benefit from our knowledge, experience and skill in the following areas.

"We were about to undertake a significant relocation from multiple sites to one site. Europlan were fantastic pre-move, and spent a lot of time working with us to truly understand who we are and what we are about. Post-move the relationship continues."
John Willetts
High Performance Manager - Connetics
"The relocation of a Head Office function is a significant investment of both financial and time resources for a business like Barnardos. We can’t thank you enough for your unfailing patience as we have made our way through this process."
Mike Munnelly
Chief Executive - Barnardos
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WELL Building Standard

Wellness begins with bricks and mortar. Our people understand the potential impacts that workspaces can have on the health of those people who spend time there and know that healthy spaces lead to increased
employee engagement, a more productive workforce and healthier, more resilient staff.

The WELL Certification Building Standard is the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally. Applying the principles from
WELL means we understand how a building and workplace impact an individual’s wellness and how to make those places healthier.

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Research indicates that 15–20% of our workforce are neurodivergent, having one of a collection of conditions that could include autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, dyspraxia, and Tourette syndrome, among others.

We understand how different spaces can be tailored to achieve inclusiveness by allowing for a range of work modalities and addressing unique design functions to deliver health, safety, wellbeing, and inclusivity for all.

blog wellness policy
Committed to Sustainability
Reduce operational costs and carbon footprints with sustainability led design. We can provide advice on sustainable materials, the use of plants, energy-tracking tools and other sustainability-driven strategies to help achieve energy-use and sustainability targets.
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