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With our help you can have a workplace environment that supports employee happiness, efficiency and productivity
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Haworth is global leader in the commercial furniture industry, especially when it comes to sustainable manufacturing practices using renewable, reusable recyclable materials.
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We design inspiring workspaces that perform now, and into the future.

So much needs to be considered to create an ideal work environment. Our many years of working with top organisations and keeping up with global workplace fit out trends puts us in a great position to help you create one.

About workplace design
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We’ll help you to create workplace that supports employee happiness.

We’re much more than a furniture supplier. Our expertise extends to workplace strategy, fit out planning, sourcing furniture, commissioning the design and manufacture of unique pieces, and full implementation of a new or updated workplace environment.

Retun to Workplace

A shared working environment where the focus is on independent activity is often described as a coworking space.

Unlike a typical office environment, people in a co-working space are usually employed by the same organisation. They may be a collective of small businesses or a group of independent contractors who enjoy the camaraderie and collaboration opportunities that come with a shared office space. Those who share coworking spaces often also share values.

Office furniture for coworking spaces is a Europlan specialty. If you’re wondering how to furnish a coworking space, contact us for ideas and input.

Agile Workspace
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The agile way of working is about giving your people maximum flexibility and minimum constraints, to optimise their performance.

Furnishing an agile work environment requires careful thought. The objective is a dynamic space that lets employees choose how and where they work, together or separately. You need to consider zones for collaboration, quiet spaces for focussed work, and areas for refreshment and relaxation. Being able to easily reconfigure the furniture is important too.

If you’re migrating to agile working for your organisation or business, talk to us about how existing furniture can be blended with new pieces to achieve a flexible, attractive workspace.

Office Lounge Area
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Sometimes, employees come up their best ideas while slouched in a couch or perched on a barstool. That’s why there’s a trend towards working environments that include an R & R area.

While you could make a beeline to the nearest retail furniture store and buy a lounge suite, it makes more sense to pick our brains about what works best in a commercial environment. Our knowledge of upholstery fabrics and manufacturing techniques will ensure you get a solution that can withstand office life, with all its spills and splashes. Best of all, we’ll make sure your breakout area complements your brand colours.

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