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When lighting is right, it’s brilliant. When it’s wrong, there’s little else you can focus on. Nothing transforms an environment like lighting, and nowhere is that more important than the social and high-impression spaces that draw people in and reflect your brand. Here are nine trends, considerations, and inspiration for well-lit spaces.


The impacts of lighting on wellbeing are starting to be documented and will remain the focus of studies. Experiments continue on the effects of lights on mood, energy level, health, sleep quality, and comfort.


Demand for lighting fixtures that combine noise minimization with highly efficient LED technology will remain a sustainable solution for open-plan and social spaces—with low planning and installation costs combined with innovative design. Such as Hush Light by PLN Group


Given every lighting fixture has access to power, we’ll see how sensors, Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology, and connectivity will continue to change the way we interact with spaces. Early adopters will choose connected lighting control systems as the infrastructure that enables future applications.


With ceilings gaining more importance in design—painted colours that pop and wallpaper applications—overscale lights overhead will continue to make a bold statement.


With the emphasis on simplicity of installation, expect to address daylight harvesting (collecting daylight to reduce energy) with new lighting control systems that bring more natural light into a space, meet code, and reap the energy savings.


Interest in tuneable lighting and controls will continue as people recognize the value of lighting on employee well-being and user control. Expect programming to support circadian lighting strategies and promote alertness—in addition to matching colour quality of daylight.


Energy consumption continues to influence many lighting design decisions as codes get updated, particularly around Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Leading experts believe code stipulations won’t deter good lighting design.


Traditional approaches for applying lighting throughout a space are being replaced with the continued demand for layered lighting, determined by the architecture, and supported by LED and intelligent controls.


Lighting will be viewed more as a statement piece in the overall design of a space, with fixtures considered an art form. Look for more natural silhouettes and organic forms.

Our next installment on good lighting design will feature inspiration and application tips from cafe spaces to individual workstations.

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