NZ Made vs. Imported Furniture

If you had to guess the mantra for 2020 here in New Zealand, you might think it was “shop local.”

With all that’s been going on, there has been a huge focus on getting Kiwis to support the team of five million. Individuals and businesses alike are encouraged to buy from one another and use each other’s valuable and locally available services.

We’ve been around for a while now. Since 1963 in fact, and like so many others we’ve watched just how easy it has become to buy everything and the kitchen sink online, from suppliers all over the world.

Importing a couple pieces of clothing, some toys for the kids or even a bit of decor for around your home might be easy enough. Still, for people looking to buy commercial office furniture to fit out an entire office space, there are some considerations to make.

Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you. When it comes to engaging with us on a procurement plan for a workplace design project, we always look at how we can balance a mix of imported commercial office furniture with New Zealand Made and designed solutions.

Here are seven important areas we look at to achieve this.

1. Expertise

You don’t need to think about locating suppliers or how to get started with importing items from abroad, we’ve already done that for you. We have partnered with Haworth, a global leader in the commercial furniture industry, to become their New Zealand based supplier. We take you through a world of design, research, and innovation so you can create your own. We’ve developed great relationships with overseas suppliers which means auditing their processes and products to make sure the solutions suit a New Zealand market and deliver on our promise of lifetime value.

Our talented team knows that a successful fit-out or re-furb is about more than just furniture and accessories. Our specialists can work with you to develop a workplace strategy with you and help guide and shape your whole project for the very best outcomes.

2. Cost

Europlan is New Zealand based, and all prices are in New Zealand dollars. We offer both locally made and imported goods from suppliers who we have a trusted relationship with. The only tax you’ll need to worry about is GST. Overseas suppliers can offer cost efficiencies for some items, especially if you’re buying in bulk for a large-scale project. Planning ahead allows you to take advantage of this.

We’ve thought about the costs involved in importing furniture, this means our team can provide expert advice on balancing your budget, managing lead times and your enthusiasm to support local.

3. Lead-in times

Working with Europlan to manage your workplace design or office layout means dealing with one team. We can design, supply and service a huge range of New Zealand made and already imported commercial office furniture that is available without huge delays. You don’t have to fret about dealing with multiple manufacturers or varying timelines as we’re your single source supplier.

Our robust stocking program services short lead time projects and working with us on future fit outs means we can order for your unique project needs.

4. Installation

Fitting out an office isn’t just about getting in some more comfortable chairs and a few ergonomic desks (although both are good in our books!). Most commercial office furniture will need to be carefully installed by experts with experience in fit-out projects. Our dedicated installation & maintenance team have a stellar success rate in terms of delivery without damage or defects. That means you can feel confident that we have the experience to manage installations of the locally made and imported goods that we supply, and our service is nationwide.

5. Quality

There is no compromise so think big! Our partnership with Haworth gives our clients access to a global leader in furniture design, with robust warranties and non-obsolescence programs. Quality is a forefront pillar of their design consideration for every part on every product.

You can reserve your cheap and cheerful thoughts for Friday night takeaways, there are plenty of high-quality suppliers around the world and that’s who we work with. While there are plenty of choices out there, finding the perfect solution for your specific workplace requirements might mean you need a bespoke solution designed with your team, clients or style of work in mind.

Here, we work with local designers and manufacturers of commercial office furniture in New Zealand, using high-quality materials, and design based on experience, research and extensive product development. We have years of experience sourcing furniture, commissioning the design and manufacture of unique pieces, and full implementation of new and updated workplace environments.

6. Shared understanding

Building trust and rapport with a supplier overseas takes time, we’ve successfully invested in this area. Our team are experts in navigating language differences, time zones, efficiently packing a 40-foot container and both metric and imperial dimensions.

Europlan is New Zealand based. We have context about how Kiwis are working now, and what it might look like in the future. We understand what our workforce is demanding, how technology is being integrated into offices and how we work together. We’re one of only five members of the furniture panel for the Government Property Group, which is part of New Zealand Government Procurement, and have been trusted by some of New Zealand’s’ leading brands.

It’s important to us that your projects begins with a shared understanding about your business strategies and goals, who your clients are and what they need and the happiness of your employees.

7. Sustainability

Understanding all the elements of sustainability in terms of fitouts and furniture can be complex. We love complex!

Europlan is committed to the globally recognised ISO:14001 standard, which provides guidance on sustainable practices and environmental systems. We have a series of well-documented measures to track our carbon footprint. Through our work, we also help our clients build their own sustainable business practices, supported by modern workplace design.

And, above all that, we’ve also chosen to partner with Haworth. They are global leaders in terms of sustainable manufacturing practices. The Haworth range is made using renewable, reusable, recyclable materials in a zero-landfill facility with Greenguard, LEED and AFRDI certifications. (Those are all really good things, we reckon!)

We care about the environmental impact our business has so we work hard to trace the sustainability of items from all suppliers. Air miles, overseas factory conditions & standards and packaging of various products are all areas we proactively manage so we don’t see our carbon footprint grow from a stiletto into a gumboot.

Locally made and imported furniture no longer need to be in conflict with each other, a mix of both could be the right answer to your next workplace design project, and if so, we might have just what you’re after, along with a whole lot extra. With locally-manufactured options, heaps of experience, and a talented team who can manage the whole process we’re excited to hear about your project. Get in touch for a chat.



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