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A well delivered workplace strategy will synchronise the process of aligning an organisation’s workplace to support its strategic business goals while optimising real estate performance.
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We can help you design an inspiring workspace that performs now, and into the future.

Our involvement with creating superior work spaces goes beyond the simple supply of furniture and accessories. If you really want world-class workspace design, we encourage you to engage us early on. Our experts can help you develop an up-to-the-minute workplace strategy that can guide and shape your entire project.

Our Workplace Strategy process
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1. Discovery & Planning

Do you want to lift productivity and nurture a more positive work culture? Do you also want to be able to manage change easily and establish a continuous improvement mind set? For these things to happen, we begin by understanding your culture as it is now and as you want it to be in the future.

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2. Recommendations

We use design software to try things out, solve problems and eliminate risks associated with designing office space layouts, so you can trust the final solution we recommend. Plans will be presented to you using a variety of visuals. Our presentation will also include colour theory that’s tailored to your brand, and strategies for optimising acoustics, reducing noise and neutralising distractions.

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3. Office & Environment Survey

An essential part of creating the best office layout for productivity is talking to your employees. How satisfied are they with their current work environment? Are there any aspects of furniture or layout that hinder performance? Do they have any ideas they’d like to see incorporated in a new office concept?

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4. Project Management

If you don’t have a project manager available within your team, business or organisation, we can source one for you. Europlan project managers use a precise and proven methodology for project management, implementation and transition.

Workspaces are an expression of your culture, so having a vision of where you’re going at outset of a project is essential.
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Workplace Strategy & Services

Europlan Workplace Strategy offers a range of services that can be tailored to suit individual projects. Engage with us in the early phases of your project and we can help you hand pick from a variety of options to ensure we achieve the best outcomes for your business.

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We are committed to being an environmentally aware and sustainable organisation. From our facilities to how our product is packaged, well documented measures are put in place to track our carbon footprint. Through our design of workspaces we can help clients with more sustainable business practices as modern work systems reduce operational costs and with that the impact on resource used.

Haworth’s Shanghai factory is a zero landfill facility with Greenguard, LEED and AFRDI certifications and all standard products have had their carbon footprint measured.
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Other services
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Space planning

Need a little help working out how to optimise your floor plate? We are able to undertake space planning as part of our workspace strategy offering. You can align your vision and design ideas to really understand how your space will perform once it’s filled with people and furniture solutions. It’s an opportunity to take risks and trouble shoot challenging areas in order to eliminate ineffective use of space once a project is delivered.



As part of our space planning solution, we can provide you with 3D renders of your floor plate to really determine that critical decision making is supporting the goals of your organisation. We can populate renders with product and people in order for you to create ideal layouts and combinations of solutions. This is a valuable opportunity to transfer your vision to reality and work through a multitude of options prior to project completion.

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Change management

A key driver of the success of a workplace strategy is the change management component. You can’t just reimagine your office space and expect your people to adopt a new way of working if they don’t understand it or can’t see value in it. Beautiful furniture and modern layouts that support new ways of working are meaningless if the humans inhabiting the space don’t utilise it. We can work alongside your organisation to co-design an approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and work groups to a desired future state.

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"Thank you again for the great job, the fine work you and your team did to deliver what was promised, in the short time frame."
Maureen MIller
University of Otago - ISB
"I don’t want to deal with a sales rep, I want to deal with a relationship manager who has a genuine interest in our organisation and who sees value to me in offering solutions, not value in it for themselves. That’s Europlan."
John Cameron
National Assets Manager, Barnardos

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