Focus on Acoustics

There is a buzz about acoustics right now, well a quiet hum if you’ve done it right.

We think that how we are working and the design of our workplaces are heading in the right direction. We’re really committed to making sure the spaces we occupy during our life at work are not contributing to poor output and lack of job satisfaction because we haven’t resolved noise challenges.


If this graphic has you nodding your head and letting out a bit of a sigh of frustration then contact us for some dreamy acoustic options.

Noise is pitched as the number 1 destroyer of productivity in the workplace. You do not have to suffer and cry the whole day through.

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University of Otago - ISB
Thank you again for the great job, the fine work you and your team did to deliver what was promised, in the short time frame.
Maureen MIller Otago Library Management Team
I don’t want to deal with a sales rep, I want to deal with a relationship manager who has a genuine interest in our organisation and who sees value to me in offering solutions, not value in it for themselves. That’s Europlan.
John Cameron National Assets Manager
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