BuzziNest Pod

Compact & mobile acoustic privacy

Erase noise distractions with BuzziNest Pod.

BuzziNest Pod is all you need to reduce distracting noise from any workplace. The compact Pod offers a private 2 – 4 person space to work and take calls without being disturbed or disturbing others, even in an open plan office.


Due to its upholstered exterior and fabric panels on the interior, BuzziNest Pod effectively dampens sound from every direction to create maximum peace and quiet for everyone in the office, whether you are working inside the booth or out.

Available in a range of different colours and fabrics, BuzziNest Pod will fit right into your office decor, and is easy to install. Built-in castors can be suspended from the base to help move the acoustic Pod to a new spot, which can then be secured by putting it back on its feet.

BuzziNest Pod is equipped with a top-of-the-line fresh air ventilation system, which takes air from the top and pushes air inside, down, and out through the bottom. Once you step inside, the fans engage at full capacity. As well, a motion sensor LED ceiling light turns on when BuzziNest Pod is in use and off when it’s not occupied.

Height 2180mm
Width 2400mm
Depth 1250mm
Weight 590kg
  • 12 year warranty
  • 2 – 4 people
  • Meetings & Collaboration
  • Private Conversations
  • Conference Calls
  • Easy to install
  • Led ceiling light run by a motion sensor
  • Fresh air ventilation system run by a motion sensor
  • Acoustic panels in Felt or 3D Rib on the inside
  • Fabric upholstered acoustic panel on the outside
  • Acoustic shatterproof glass door that opens 180°
  • Door handle in high-quality oak
  • Acoustic rear glass window
  • Integral black carpeted floor
  • Leveling feet & integrated castors
  • Laminate frame with plywood rim
  • Power inlet on the side and top 
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BuzziNest Pod
Compact & mobile acoustic privacy
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