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Natural simplicity & human friendly

Tibas is more than just a workstation. It’s an impressive creative space for collaboration. Tibas is diverse in outlook, human friendly and resolutely up to the challenges of a flourishing work space.

Tibas is a fixed height system with a full range of configurations and accessories.

Fast-paced work environments need tried and tested work space solutions that help users meet shifting demands and foster new ideas.

Tibas nurtures the kind of human and workplace friendly spaces that make adapting, focusing and collaborating easier. It has the flexibility and spatial smarts to support your people to remain at the top of their game.

  • Budget friendly
  • Human friendly
  • Idea friendly

Tibas is designed with the highest standards of safety, durability and quality. Crafted using thoughtfully selected materials that are sustainable, free of hazardous substances and from recycled sources where possible.


Tibas is a modular desk and table system that features a broad range of components and offers many solutions for satisfying a wide range of needs. The Tibas system features a clean design that fits seamlessly into all work place environments in both table and bench configurations.

Tibas offers creative scope for workstations, meeting & conference tables. Share a single leg for two tops, saving space and cost.

  • Rectangular Desk
  • Workstation
  • L Shaped Desk
  • Meeting Table

Tibas is also almost fully recyclable when it reaches the end of its long life. Manufactured in an ISO 14001 certified facilities with zero waste to landfill and optimised logistics to save on resources and packing materials. Tibas comes with Greenguard Certification.

1600w x 800d x 730h mm
1800w x 800d x 730h mm
  • 12 Year warranty
  • Greenguard certified
  • Cost effective
  • Sustainable
  • Minimalist design
  • Stylish
  • Globally available
  • AFRDI Certified
Stocked Product

Tibas is stocked in these standard sizes for quick ship:

  • 1600w x 800d x 730h mm
  • 1800w x 800d x 730h mm
  • White scalloped LPL Tops

These sizes will allow configurations from a single fixed desk to shared Pod settings.

Custom configurations and tops are available on request and will attract a longer lead time.

Colours & Finishes

Tibas is supplied standard in the following options:

  • White powder coat frame in Always White
  • White scalloped work tops in 1600w or 1800w mm

Custom tops and powder coated frames are available on request.

products tibas detail images
Light scale
The Tibas desk is remarkable for its simple, sculptured, naturally-fluent design aesthetic. The desk top appears to float gently over its sturdy frame, delivering elegant support for countless ways of working. A widened open view means it’s easy to spread out your materials and free associate or create a more private environment to chase down that great idea.
It’s time to think differently about how we do business.
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Human Friendly
When you need to shift focus, Tibas allows you to change things up in an instant. Share a single leg and frame side between two desks and you’ve doubled your available work space, saving on room and costs. Productive conversations between teams can therefore take place right where the action is – there’s no need to move everyone to a separate location.
The wide, clear work space means there’s a spot for every tool essential for brainstorming and organising new ideas. Everything’s at your fingertips when you need it most. And that means your people are primed to maximise their performance, improve their efficiency and revolutionize their thinking at a moment’s notice.
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Budget friendly

More agile workspaces mean creating more variety in your floorplate settings to accommodate different ways of working. Tibas delivers a cost-effective and reliable desk and table solution to match your changing needs. A simple statement of line is purpose-designed to meet your exact requirements.

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Settings to suit your space

Tibas is as flexible as you need to be. Choose from a variety of screens – modesty, desk, single or double hung – for a wide range of work styles. Add your choice of power option – intermediate leg, cable tray, umbilical cord, grommet or soft-closing fliptop – to streamline your space to your exact specifications.

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Configure your way

Whatever your workplace fundamentals, Tibas has you covered. Create private workstations, collaborative clusters, L-shaped arrangements and everything in between – Tibas will always look right in place.

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A global conversation

The Tibas system is designed on a shared global platform. That makes it the ideal solution for multinationals because it can be seamlessly integrated into connected work environments for a unified look and feel. It also has endless potential – upgrade and expand it as your organisation grows and watch how it maintains its top-of-class performance in any workplace.

products tibas insitu


Tibas is the pioneer of a new generation of office furniture that’s smarter, more ecological and economical. Trends might come and go, but Tibas will always look effortlessly cool. Tibas’ clean, minimalist, and deceptively simple table and bench designs fits seamlessly into every workplace, however you choose to configure them.

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Idea friendly

Rapid-fire data exchange and relentless disruption has given birth to the ‘Idea Economy’ – and it’s changing the way we work. Good ideas have always driven business success. Our new propensity for hyper-connectivity and instant gratification fused with the emergence of new channels, markets and business models means good ideas are no longer good enough. Success now means turning those ideas into value faster than your competition.

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Natural simplicity & human friendly
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