ASB have moved away from a bricks and mortar property focus to flexible platforms. Part of this strategy has seen a national installation project of Air3 Pods for ASB Bank as part of their retail property focus.

This strategy has evolved from hard fit out solutions to modular and flexible fit outs. It’s a key part of ASB’s property brief to be able to select and utilise furniture that can play out the life cycle of its value and offer future proofed and agile solutions.

The Air 3 Pod was selected because it satisfies the modular and future proofed pieces of the property strategy. It’s flexible, it’s “plug and play” and most importantly it meets the functional requirements of the staff and customers using it.

Project lead - Tony Moore
Video - 90 Seconds
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Project lead - Tony Moore
Video - 90 Seconds
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Project Outcomes
The feedback from the fit out is that the Air3 Pods look awesome and staff love them. They’re interacting with the technology and features like with ease. It’s passed the acoustics test; the team have said that they can’t over hear conversations taking place within the pod from the outside.
ASB is a business that is changing the way it receives and interacts with its clientele and they’ve really embraced the product platforms that support a modern way of working.
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University of Otago - ISB
Thank you again for the great job, the fine work you and your team did to deliver what was promised, in the short time frame.
Maureen MIller Otago Library Management Team
I don’t want to deal with a sales rep, I want to deal with a relationship manager who has a genuine interest in our organisation and who sees value to me in offering solutions, not value in it for themselves. That’s Europlan.
John Cameron National Assets Manager
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