Blinc Innovation

Europlan was approached by the team at Blinc Innovation to convert a warehouse style building into a coworking hub. It needed to function as a workspace for staff and tenants and provide a flexible multifunctional space to host a variety of events.

Blinc’s decision to partner with Europlan was driven by our extensive experience and knowledge in creating coworking spaces and our understanding of the co-location ecosystem.
The Blinc Project Team made several visits to our coworking Showroom in Christchurch to gain inspiration and gather data about how the spaces actually function. This covered a range of considerations from coffee selection to the all-important aspect of zoning.

Blinc Innovation
July 2017
Breakout, Collaborate, Coworking, Focus, Meeting, Modern Learning, Refresh
Project Credits
Project lead - Helen Dennis
Project manager - Paul Clucas
Project support - Jenessa Georgica
Photography - Jonny Knopp
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Key Processes
Europlan provided workplace consultancy and space planning services prior to product selection. These processes allowed us to workshop Blinc’s space and achieve key outcomes that delivered solutions to challenges they wanted to solve.
In close consultation with Blinc, we triaged the stages of delivery to ensure key pieces arrived in time and in an unusually sort timeframe we delivered part of the fit out on time for the early opening.
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Project Delivery

The result is the creation of a vibrant hub which offers Informal
Collaborative Spaces, Workspace, Formal and Informal Meeting Spaces,
Active Desks/Hot Desking, Booth Seating, Café Areas, Multi-Functional
Tables & Stackable Seating for Events.

The product selection was critical to support the high use nature of the
environment, staff and students needed to feel comfortable configuring the space to suit their immediate needs.

A varied palette of fabrics, finishes and specifications were used to add
visual interest and the space was loosely zoned to facilitate wayfinding
and to define the use of each area.

Blinc wanted to create a space that would facilitate a hive of activity, a
variety of events and deliver a productive working environment.
Through our partnership approach we were able to pass on our
knowledge and expertise in coworking and how to plan a space to
enable people to connect, socialise and collaborate

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Project Milestones

We delivered the completed project within budget and were able to work with Blinc to provide a few key pieces in a more premium specification.

Our initial completion timeframe was shortened due to an event that
involved hosting a dignitary arrival in Christchurch. This brought the official opening date for the space forward, landing right in the middle of project delivery and installation.

Our nimble approach to project planning and management allowed us
to loan Blinc some key pieces for their opening and managed our
supply chain to deliver the balance of items as soon as was practically

We worked to ensure product was manufactured in the shortest
possible time frame and utilised alternative logistic options.

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"Thank you again for the great job, the fine work you and your team did to deliver what was promised, in the short time frame."
Maureen MIller
University of Otago - ISB
"I don’t want to deal with a sales rep, I want to deal with a relationship manager who has a genuine interest in our organisation and who sees value to me in offering solutions, not value in it for themselves. That’s Europlan."
John Cameron
National Assets Manager, Barnardos
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