An exciting but sympathetic revamp for a heritage space.

Pāmu is a recognised leader in New Zealand’s agricultural sector. As the brand name for Landcorp Farming Limited, a state-owned enterprise, Pāmu literally means ‘to farm’ but also importantly reflects the Māori concept of kaitiakitanga, guardianship of the environment.

In April 2021 Pāmu went out for tender with a refurbishment project for its central Wellington office. This was the first substantial upgrade to this premises in a long time and it presented the opportunity to modernise the floorplate while ensuring modest budget milestones were adhered to.

Europlan were one of several respondents to the tender and in May 2021 were successfully awarded the project.

July 2021
Breakout, Collaborate, Focus, Meeting, Refresh
Project Credits
Project Lead - Georgina Brough
Project Manager - Connor Burns
Photography - Jason Mann
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Project Scope

The revamp of the heritage space allowed the chance for Pāmu to move away from corner workstation systems to electric height adjustable linear desks. Europlan’s Tidal Premium was selected for this project and gave staff at Pāmu an ergonomic sit to stand desk, allowing them to easily incorporate movement into their workday.

This change also provided the chance to reconfigure the floorplate to include more solutions for focus work and introduce collaborative soft seating for informal meeting spaces.

We used personal storage lockers and desktop tote boxes to assist with a clear workstation focus and provide the team at Pāmu with an easy way to move their belongings around the space.

The completion of this refit project has created a range of new ways of working for Pāmu and the staff have been provided with the necessary tools and solutions to navigate their fresh new work environment.

projects pamu wellington

Project Management

To minimise any disruption to business continuity at Pāmu, we worked to a project timeline of one week to complete the removal of redundant furniture and the delivery and installation of the new furniture.

We created a project plan with the team at Pāmu, and the milestones were critical. Employees were redeployed to work from home for one week and in that time, we needed to hit all targets in time for them to return the office.

We were able to remove all unnecessary furniture over one Saturday and deliver and install all new solutions over the first half of the week. This gave us an extra day to walk through the space with the Pāmu team and sign the project off.

Our project management process ensured we stuck to the agreed timelines and delivered the project well within budget.

projects pamu wellington
Project Outcomes
With the introduction of new furniture into the office, it was critical that we worked with Pāmu to responsibly repurpose the product that was being replaced.

We partnered with All Heart NZ and Freear Philip to redirect and repurpose the surplus items, ensuring we achieved a sustainable, ethical and socially responsible procurement and supply chain management process.

This was our first project using All Heart NZ to assist in the redirection of unwanted furniture items and the collaboration saw us repurpose over 198 pieces of Pāmu’s excess furniture, including 70 corner workstations.

We were able to achieve a zero-waste metric for the decommissioned product, ensuring that none of it went to landfill. 100% of the spare furniture was effectively redistributed out into the Wellington community.

The partnership was incredibly successful, we were able to avoid significant carbon emissions and support local communities in need.

The total weight of the furniture was 12,160kgs. Based on calculations used by All Heart NZ, we estimate the carbon emissions avoided are 14.47 tonnes.

We also estimate the community impact value to be $31,251.00, this is measured by a local community being able to reuse, repurpose, and/or resell these items with 100% of the benefit going to people in need.
We’ve thoroughly enjoyed completing this milestone refurbishment project with Pāmu, together we’ve been able to achieve some truly sustainable outcomes.
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"Thank you again for the great job, the fine work you and your team did to deliver what was promised, in the short time frame."
Maureen MIller
University of Otago - ISB
"I don’t want to deal with a sales rep, I want to deal with a relationship manager who has a genuine interest in our organisation and who sees value to me in offering solutions, not value in it for themselves. That’s Europlan."
John Cameron
National Assets Manager, Barnardos
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